About us

The Nelson Area Locator Beacon Trust was set up in 1998 to fill a need, which is to supply an affordable and effective protection for people who participate in outdoor activities in the National Parks in this area. The protection that is offered with the new 406 beacons is twofold first peace of mind in the event as you have an accident you will be found and rescued very quickly. Second, the amount of rescuers required will be reduced (most are volunteers and receive no pay when they come looking for you).

That is why the Trust’s motto is “ We take the Search out of Search and Rescue”. The National Parks in this area, though beautiful, can be extremely dangerous. The weather can change very quickly from fine and sunny to wet, windy and cold. The terrain itself can be very deceiving.

The Nelson Area Locator Beacon Trust wants you to enjoy the great outdoors and offers the hire of these Beacons to you at a very cheap rate. It should be included as a part of your equipment like warm clothes, and not classed as excess weight because when you need help you will more than likely need help very quickly.